do up

do up
رَبَطَ \ associate: to think of sth. in relation to sth. else: Certain national characteristics are usually associated with a country. attach: to fasten; join: I attached the rope to a tree. bind (bound): to tie; fasten sth. with sth. else: The prisoner was bound with rope. connect: to join or be joined: a road connecting two towns; two families connected by marriage. do up: to fasten (clothes); pack and tie (a packet, etc.): Do up your shoes!. fasten: to fix or be fixed firmly: Fasten those buttons. This coat does not fasten properly. join: to fix together; bring together: Please join these two bits of string. The islands were joined by a bridge. link: to join two things together: A bridge linked the island to the mainland. tie: to fasten or bind (with rope, etc.): They tied the prisoner’s hands. He tied his horse to a tree.

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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